1. Basement Scene

    From the series, This Is Where We Grew Up


  2. Bust in the Dark: Blaise

    Click here for more from this series.

  3. "Don’t hang your dirty laundry."

    Stop-motion animation from Dirty Laundry, a photo series on Korean-American identity. 

    For more images from the series: http://www.kristinachoejacinth.com

  4. …and here it is again, in gif form! Animated gifs for days!

    About to embark on some more stop motion with chroma key. It’s a fun but rather challenging experiment outside my typical photo stills (also challenging, but in a different sort of way).

  5. "I created a monster."

    Dirty Laundry, a photo series.

  6. At the Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles.

  7. Here it is again, embedded this time!

  8. Four new images in my photo series, Hysteria.

    Model: Tara


  9. Photos are now moving! Stop motion test by yours truly.

  10. Jason Saunders in the studio.